Colorado Recruiting Zone - Glendale


Glendale Highlights

  • Incorporated in 1952
  • Much of the City's space is devoted to commercial development, including office and residential high rises


  • Population: 4,547
  • Median Age: 29
  • Land Area: 0.6 square miles
  • County: Arapahoe

Environmental Attractions

  • Area parks include Cherry Creek Greenway, Playa Del Carmen Park, Four Mile Historic Park, and the newly constructed 8 acre Infinity Park.
  • Glendale is the home to the first U.S. municipal rugby stadium, which houses the Glendale Raptors rugby team.

Fun Facts

  • The Four Mile House, a historic frontier log home, is the oldest standing residential structure in metropolitan Denver.

Arts & Culture

  • The Infinity Park Event Center houses eight separate state-of-the-art-event-venues and includes features such as a 750 seated banquet with open sightline, studio quality sound. The outside space, called “The Pitch” offers events the largest playing field in the metro area. The Pitch is versatile for events, allowing tents, canopies, full teambuilding programs, and scrimmages. The backdrop of the Pitch is a DigiLED technology that is 18'x32' scoreboard surrounded by bleachers, three entertainment plazas and much more.

Economic Development

  • Property in Glendale is zoned Planned Site Development District (PSDD). This enables the Planning Commission to work on a site-by-site basis, rather than by rigid land use standards, to encourage the highest quality development.
  • Glendale is well-located to benefit from metropolitan growth trends and direction, as it is surrounded on all sides by Denver County.