Work Hours & Breaks Policy

Regular Hours

You are authorized to work only the Work Hours assigned by your J. Kent Staffing Manager. These Work Hours have been established by the Client and you are expected to work these assigned Work Hours. You must not report to your Assignment more than 7 minutes before your Work Hours begin nor stay more than 7 minutes after your Work Hours end, except in accordance with the Overtime Policy.

Overtime Hours

If the Client needs you to work overtime, the Client must first call your J. Kent Staffing Manager, who will then contact you to determine if you are available to work the requested overtime. You cannot work overtime for a client unless this procedure is followed.

If you work in excess of 40 Work Hours in a Work Week (a Work Week begins and ends at midnight on Sunday), you may be paid at the rate of one and one-half times your Pay Rate as may be required by federal or state law.

If you work less than 40 Work Hours in any Work Week, regardless of whether the time is worked on a holiday or a weekend, you are not guaranteed any premium pay (time and a half or double time) as this will depend solely upon the policy of the Client.

Meal Breaks

Your meal breaks on an Assignment will be scheduled by the Client Supervisor consistent with the Client's policy.

Rest Breaks

Employees may be permitted rest breaks as provided by the Client's policy for rest breaks. Employees who smoke are not entitled to additional rest breaks or smoking breaks.