All About Your Timesheet

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Timesheet Submittal

Scan/Email to: or
Fax to: 303-777-0972

Timesheet Deadline
No Exceptions

Sunday, 11:59 pm
Government Assignments: Friday, 5:00 pm

We Welcome You to the J. Kent Staffing Team!                                              Now that you have completed J. Kent’s onboarding process you will want to make sure you meet your Timesheet Deadline required for payroll processing. Please use the Excel or .PDF Timesheet provided. The Excel Timesheet is recommend as it automatically calculates the hours worked.

J. Kent's Work Week Ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday  Please review J. Kent’s Timesheet and Paycheck Policies and Procedures carefully as outlined in the information boxes below.

Questions About Your Timesheet  During New Employee Orientation your Staffing Manager provided you with the required Timesheet instructions to help you meet J. Kent's payroll deadline. However, if you need some help, or a quick review, click on Timesheet Instructions and/or call your assigned Staffing Manager and they will be glad to help you. 

Timesheet Policies

Timesheet Deadline
No Exceptions

  • Sunday, 11:59 pm
  • Government Assignments: Friday, 5:00 pm
  • No Deadline exceptions - late Timesheets processed following week

How to Complete

  • Print/Type on top of Timesheet Your Name Week-Ending Date (Sunday)
  • Round daily and weekly hours to nearest 1/4 hour (.25, .50, .75)
  • Your Signature and Client Signature required for processing
  • One Timesheet per assignment per week

How to Send - 3 Options

  • Scan & email to (recommended method)
  • Fax to 303-777-0972 (retain copy of your fax confirmation)
  • Drop off at 500 Downing Street (24 hour drop slot on west side of building)
Paycheck Policies


  • Thursday – for previous work week

2 Paperless Methods for Payment of Wages

  • J. Kent has gone GREEN!
  • Choose from Direct Deposit or Paycard
  • Complete and submit Enrollment Form
  • Paycheck Advice emailed to you weekly

Option 1 - Direct Deposit

  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • Availability of funds is based on your banking institution's policies
  • Always verify your funds were received
  • J. Kent is not responsible for overdraft fees

Option 2 - Paycard

  • Pick up a Global Cash Card Paycard from J. Kent (or use your own Paycard)
  • Funds are deposited directly onto your Paycard
  • Learn how to use your Paycard with no fees!
  • For activation or questions, contact Global Cash Card at 888-220-4477, or
  • Always know your balance
  • J. Kent is not responsible for any Paycard fees

General Policies

  • J. Kent pays its employees weekly
  • Paycheck errors will be corrected on next weekly payroll