Administrative Assistant - Denver, CO

BA in Theatre and 5+ Years Admin Experience
Positive Attitude, Enthusiastic, Creative
East Coast Transplant Seeking Administrative Career Opportunities - Problem Solver, Organizer, Go-Getter!
  • Candidate #: MBAR
  • Compensation: $45,000 - $50,000
  • Available for Job Types:
    • Direct-Hire

Full Candidate Profile

Candidate obtained a BA in Theatre - Youth from Charleston College (previously attended two different prestigious theatre institutions). First part of career involved multiple part time endeavors - teaching afterschool theatre, working for theatres, temporary projects. Ended up working dual office/teaching roles for a few different schools. Worked another project, before going into food service management. Relocated to Denver for new opportunities and has been working for an insurance tech company processing high volume invoices. Seeking a more multi-faceted administrative role where a bigger impact can be made.

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