Materials Manager, Denver, Colorado

Masters in Textile Science & BS in Textiles
Worked for Peace Corps in Ghana for 2 years
Great candidate with 5+ years' experience working as a Materials Developer for companies including Nike and North Face!
  • Candidate #: SKAC
  • Compensation: $35,000 - $40,000
  • Available for Job Types:
    • Temp-to-Hire, Temporary, Direct Hire (Part-Time), Temp-to-Hire (Part-Time)

Full Candidate Profile

This unqiue J. Kent candidate has a plethora of experience in the textile industy. After earning a BS in Textiles and Clothing, she continued her studies to earn her Masters in Textile Science from UC Davis. She landed a great job at the North Face Inc headquarters in California working as a Materials Developer developing new materials for athletic wear. After working there for 3 years, she was recruited by the Nike headquarters in Oregon and worked there for 2 years as a Quality Engineer. In this role, she examined various garments determining how to improve the products. In 2012, she made the decision to join the Peace Corps and live in Ghana for 2 years teaching art classes to classes as big as 60 people.  She just returned back from Ghana and moved to the Denver area where her family resides. She is eager to plunge back into the textile industry and seeking a position as a Materials Manager. If your company is in need of a Materials Manager, this is the ideal candidate with top-notch experience!

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