Admissions Representative

Admissions Representatives help to recruit prospective students by providing them with school and program information in order to encourage attendance at an institution. They also help students assess their own skills and career and education goals in order to choose the program most appropriate for them. Admissions Representatives generally work for colleges or universities, and must be well versed in both formal policies and institutional qualities to support both students and their parents through the decision making process. They provide students with information on registration, program selection, and academic requirements.

Admissions Representatives meet with prospective students online, at college fairs, or in academic settings, such as at a high school. Once they have identified an individual as a potential applicant, Admissions Representatives will follow up with phone or personal interviews to evaluate the prospective student and determine if there would be a good fit. They field inquiries, conduct follow-ups, and maintain contact databases. Some Admissions Representatives will also lead campus tours or give informational presentations about their school.