Mortgage Lender

Alternate Titles: Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage Lenders specialize in loans used to buy real estate (property and buildings), which are called mortgage loans.  They work on loans for both residential and commercial properties. Often, Mortgage Lenders must seek out clients, which requires developing relationships with real estate companies and other sources that can refer prospective applicants.
Mortgage Lenders are responsible for completing mortgage loan processing and closing.  They monitor the collection, verification, and preparation of mortgage loan documentation, scheduling and complete mortgage loan closing.  They also ensure that they meet mortgage loan financial standards by providing annual budget information, monitoring expenditures, identifying variances, and implementing corrective actions.  Many Mortgage Lenders also oversee staff, and are responsible for a variety of human resource functions including selecting, orienting, training, scheduling, and coaching. 
Mortgage Lenders must have at least a high school degree or GED, and must possess a Mortgage Loan Originator License.  A Loan Officer Certification is preferred.