Recruiters specialize in finding and recruiting individuals to fill positions in a variety of workplaces. They develop recruiting plans, and utilize both traditional and new, creative strategies to execute them. Recruiters are responsible for cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with both clients and candidates.

Recruiters have many duties in filling positions effectively and accurately. They build large, talented candidate pools using industry contacts, association memberships, and existing employees. They create job descriptions and establish recruiting requirements by meeting with managers and carefully studying the hiring organization. Recruiters also screen and interview potential candidates, and perform reference and background checks. They offer feedback to potential candidates regarding their candidacy. They are responsible for evaluating candidates to determine the best possible match for a position, and helping to negotiate terms between the employer and the candidate. They prepare offer packages, and may prepare new employee orientation packages.

In order to maintain current, relevant job knowledge, Recruiters must participate in training opportunities, read professional publications, and continuously expand networks. Recruiters understand current legislation regarding employment, and are able to use that in their work and relate it to both employers and candidates. Recruiters generally are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, and are proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and industry-related software.