Colorado Recruiters Embrace the Challenge of Finding Top Tier Talent - Part 1

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Colorado Recruiters Embrace the Challenge of Finding Top Tier Talent - Part 1

"Building the Right Team" in 2011
An example of “How to Build the Right Team” for your company, occurred this year with one of J. Kent Staffing’s clients, a privately held insurance brokerage firm whose foundation spans more than 30 years in the Denver market.  I would like to share that example and their decisive new hiring strategy with CEOs, executive teams, Denver Human Resource Managers and other hiring authorities that may be involved in manpower planning or revitalization for their organization. 

What Was Their Decisive 2011 “New Hire” Strategy?
After a full-staff review, their executive team embraced the notion that any future addition to staff must make a day-to-day, sustainable difference to their company.  A simple and clear 2011 hiring strategy was identified:

1. Hire only the top 5% of talent in their marketplace and hire the best of the best
2. Define high candidate requirements clearly; bring forward only those candidates that meet the requirements
3. Increase the staff by 20% with the defined talent
4. Partner with a Denver recruiter to attract and add “A” level performers and professionals to their staff

Mediocrity Not an Option – Broker Defines High Standards and Clear Candidate Requirements
What baseline candidate requirements were identified by the organization's executive team for the 2011 “New Hires”?  What were the core competencies that would make a day-to-day sustainable difference to their insurance brokerage firm?  Here is what the organization’s executive team identified as requirements for their new hires:

  • Education:  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4 year university with an above average grade point average
  • Experience:  Previous, successful commercial insurance brokerage experience
  • License:  Active Colorado Property & Casualty license
  • Leadership:  Proven leadership experience and abilities, for example: class President, Editor of newspaper, led a sports team, took on a lead role in their sorority or fraternity, organized an event, non-profit board experience, etc.
  • Skills and Abilities: passionate drive to succeed, highly motivated, self-managed, strategic, critical thinker, outgoing, personable with excellent communication and people skills, etc.

Our J. Kent Recruiters quickly recognized that our client was on a focused and clear mission, and committed to only hire the “best of the best” -  the top 5% of experienced insurance talent in the Denver, Colorado marketplace.

To learn more about the insurance broker’s “Building the Right Team” in 2011 and their  “New Hire” strategy, read Part 2 - Colorado Recruiters Conduct 3 Targeted Searches for Denver Insurance Broker in 2011

What is your 2012 hiring strategy?
America’s corporations have become experts at employing a wide variety of Staffing Options beyond traditional employment practices  We would love to hear about your company’s hiring strategy for the coming year.


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