Cool and Unusual Job Perks - Top Talent Magnets

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Cool and Unusual Job Perks - Top Talent Magnets

Today, if you want to attract top Denver talent, your company might have to offer a menu of cool, unusual or what are known as, non-traditional job perks. Is that really true?  The answer is, maybe; the observation, enlightening with a big wow! 

In Denver’s current job market (unemployment rate 2.4%), many employers offer traditional benefits such as health, vision and dental plans. But is that enough? Are high salaries and bonus earning potential enough? Possibly, but maybe not anymore! Times have changed as you may now see a massage chair in an office. Now there is a sign of changing times. BTW, the ping pong table is so 2008.

Millennials Out-Number Baby Boomers in the Workforce
Millennials and Generation Z workers are attracted to non-traditional benefits and we should pay attention to that. Why? As reported in our May 4, 2017 blog,  Millennials now out-number Baby Boomers and are the workforce majority with the loudest voice. 

Are "Cool Perks" Right for Your Company?
Many Denver companies have chosen to look at more non-traditional perks as a means of standing out in order to compete for potential, highly sought after employees. In particular, we see this in the tech space, internet marketing, development etc. “Cool perks” offered by Facebook, Google and Netflix, for example, are a part of their corporate culture; offering the same would be unaffordable for most businesses. Does that mean your company must  offer "cool perks"?.  Are "cool perks" right for your company, its brand, image and messaging? There is a lot to think about.  

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Be Aware, Be Creative, Be Amazed
Take a look at what’s being offered in non-traditional benefits. The list is interesting, astounding, and some might say mind-blowing. Please note, the list is not comprehensive; that certainly gives me pause.

So Denver employers, be aware, be creative and be amazed at what employers are offering to compete for top talent and keep their Denver employees more than happy.

  1. No Official Work Hours
    Companies measure what people get done; work hours are not tracked – hard to believe but they do not care when or for how long the employee is in the office.  Who does it? Netflix
  2. Continued Education Opportunities
    Advanced education or specialized certifications creates culture that prioritizes meaningful work
  3. Lectures & Events
    Enrichment programs, monthly learning series or one-time events. Promotes team building and employee engagement.
  4. Student Loan Assistance
    Attractive to recent college graduates and older millennials still struggling to pay student loan debt. Who does it?  PwC offers its employees $1,200 a year strictly toward student loan debt
  5. Mentorship/Internal Networking Opportunities
    Low risk/low cost. Employer benefit--a more engaged worker
  6. Sabbaticals
    Great for rewarding long-term, highly productive, professional, career oriented employees.  Who does it? Law firms, institutions of higher learning, hospital employed physicians, publicly traded companies
  7. Pet Insurance
    NY Times, June 7, 2017 article, Pet Insurance is the Latest Work Perk.  It's true, pet owners are willing to spend a great deal of money on costly procedures
  8. Bring Your Dog to Work
    Give your employee a spa day for their fluffy friends. A mobile groomer will give them a bath and the latest look or let employee's dogs frolic unleased and bond with their dog associates. Dog cleanup but enhanced employee engagement
  9. Flex Schedules and Telecommuting
    Summer Friday’s – leave work early or not work at all. Is a 32 hour work week on the horizon? Is a 40 hour work week too stressful on America’s current workforce. Who does it? Its here, its there, it can be anywhere.
  10. Gym Memberships/Wellness Competitions
    This job perk is much appreciated by potential talent. Paying for 5K or 10K registration fees is high on the millennial list. Keeps employees healthy and productive and promotes a physically active corporate culture.  BTW—try bowling in teams over a longer lunch hour to break up the day—it’s a winner! Or organize “Mid-Day Miles or Steps”
  11. Lactation Room
    New mothers returning from maternity leave appreciate this perk; the millennial dad is good on this subject as well
  12. Focus on Family
    Four months of paid parental leave for new moms and dads. Who does it?  Facebook, of course
  13. Day Care Reimbursement
    Full or partial will put a smile on the your employee/parent's face. Who does it?  Very few companies.
  14. Baby Cash
    $4,000 after a child is born to the employee – Who does it? Facebook 
  15. On-site Health Services
    Doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists. Who does it? Google
  16. Total Wellness
    On-site chef preparing lunches, massages and in-house yoga, volleyball courts, putting greens
  17. Volunteer Hours
    Millennials are known for their social consciousness and value doing good in the world. Paid time off and/or flexible work hours to engage in volunteer projects can be expected.
  18. Company Credit Card
    Every employee gets a company credit card for anything the employee might need during the workday. Who does it?  Weebly, a web-hosting provider.  This job perk is astounding; lots of extra work for accounting.
  19. $50 Per Month Extra Credit
    $50 monthly credit for housecleaning and errand-running services for when employees are too busy enjoying their free meals or massages. Who does it?  Weebly
  20. Grooming Perk or Mani/Pedi Budget
    One of the most unique perks is a $50 grooming perk each month.  Employees can use it for a mani, pedi, or just getting a nice hair cut that will add a bounce to their step
  21. Luggage Party
    Hold an annual “luggage party.” Every employee is eligible, and each employee that wants to be part of the drawing brings a packed bag into the office on the day of the party. Two or more names are drawn, and the winners are whisked away by limo to the airport for an all-expenses paid weekend trip to Las Vegas, or where ever you may want to send them--like Breckenridge, Vail, or Aspen.
  22. Test Drive a Car - Porsche, Prius, Bentley or VW Bug for a Week
    Award an employee who exhibited extraordinary performance and rent a Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, Prius or even the latest VW bug to drive for one week. This one give employees a lot to talk about from every angle—good for creating high energy in high performance teams
  23. Provide Your Team With Daily Necessities
    For free, Merchandize Liquidators provides surplus merchandise to the masses.  Who does it? Merchandize Liquidators also uses this as a perk for employees. Purchasing the necessities in life can put a huge dent in your wallet. The company provides staff with cosmetics, shampoos, cleaning products, toothpaste, cell phones and a variety of other products. All that saved money definitely adds to the bottom line of an employee's paycheck.

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