Denver Staffing Agency – 5 Reasons Why Employers May Pass on Your Resume

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Denver Staffing Agency – 5 Reasons Why Employers May Pass on Your Resume

While the unemployment numbers for Denver, Colorado and across the U.S. are slowly lowering, many Denver job seekers feel the stress all the same. In a competitive market, the unemployed can do one of two things—sink or swim. Cliché as it is, get your boxing gloves on and be prepared to compete (hard, we might add) with the hundreds of other applicants vying for top Denver jobs.

5 Reasons Why Denver Employers May Pass on Your Resume in Any Job Market
Researchers at Bullhorn, a Boston-based recruiting software company, asked about 1,500 recruiters and hiring managers what makes a candidate less attractive when reviewing resumes. Their answers will give you some insight as to why you may not be producing a high number of job interviews. Here are the top five reasons.

  1. History of changing jobs
  2. Lack of updated job skills, especially new technology
  3. Extended leaves or termination
  4. Age
  5. Unemployment length

J. Kent 's Staffing Managers Give Advice - How to Overcome Competitive Workplace Hiring Obstacles
J. Kent Staffing Managers understand the frustration that comes with a poll like this because we recognize that some of these top five items are out of your control—for example, your age.  Although people in their 30s (Generation Y) and 40s (Generation X) are in the highest demand right now, thousands of job seekers fit outside that category. For one thing, your age unfortunately controls the amount of experience you have to offer. This makes competing for top Denver jobs more difficult, especially for the recent college graduate. So, let's think about the big picture and get past preconceived hiring benchmarks. 

  • Job Hopping Hurts Your Chances in Landing Your Dream Job:  You can control the length of your employment with one company. For all you twenty-somethings—job hopping will hurt your chances of landing your dream job down the line. Keep that thought in focus.  Staying loyal and proving your worth is the best way to advance a steady career.
  • Keep Your Technical Skills Current - Especially Standard Business Application:  Denver job applicants should improve technical knowledge by taking classes in the newest applications. Strengthen your candidacy by enhancing your resume with updated skills and abilities. In addition, these newly learned skills will provide you with motivation and confidence. Intermediate to advanced skills in standard business applications such as MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) is a must for today's successful Denver job seeker.
  • Denver Human Resource Managers Look for Productive Unemployed Job Seeker:  The amount of time you remain out of work is another reason your resumes may be passed over. Ouch! It’s hard enough to be out of work, but now it’s even harder to get a job because you were out of work? Unsympathetic to your plight, hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes daily and consider why other companies have yet to hire you. J. Kent Staffing Managers argue this is your chance to fill the void—volunteer, work part-time, become members of local organizations.
  • Network, Network, and Then Network Some More:  J. Kent Staffing Managers urge you to develop exceptional networking skills to increase your web of potential job prospects. Follow-up with individuals you meet with emails or handwritten notes so they remember you the next time they see you.  And make sure you network outside of your immediate family and friendship circles.  Get out of your comfort zone; extend yourself beyond your normal reach.
  • Terminated for Cause or Excessive Gaps in Employment - Address Your Immaturity; Learn From Your Mistakes:  You may have noticed we saved extended leaves or terminations for last; that’s because it’s the harshest of realities. The stigma behind a termination will probably not go away. Our suggestion is you compound the ideas listed above with an excellent cover letter.  Or if you get to the first interview stage, address the circumstances behind your termination simply and clearly. Honesty is the best policy!

Update Your Resume

To Reflect Your Active Community or Business Involvement
& Enhanced Technical Skills

The information in the article above is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, legal, and/or accounting advice.

  Sources:, “Employers not calling you back? 5 reasons why,” by Anne Fisher, Colorado Department of Labor

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