Denver Staffing Agency – Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Ease Eyestrain at the Computer

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Denver Staffing Agency – Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Ease Eyestrain at the Computer

At J. Kent Staffing in Denver, Colorado there are many days that I spend 10 hours a day looking at my computer.  During a normal business day, I research, analyze data, constantly write and draft business documents; typically working with two 24” computer monitors at the same time.   Does this sound familiar?  I bet many of you have a job just like mine, and some of you working in social media marketing, graphic design, engineering, oil and gas or the sciences possibly have 3 monitors to stare at for extended periods.  

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
At the end of a work day I have what is known in medical terms as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.  Symptoms include dry, burning eyes and blurry vision; a combination of your monitor’s bright backlight, glare and staring at a screen for extended period of time.  Does this sound like something you have experienced?  I know that I am not alone because so many people spend so many hours at their computers today. 

J. Kent’s Staffing Managers are also challenged with CVS as they spend 100% of their day on a computer reviewing resumes, conducting searches and maintain our powerful staffing software in the process of hiring qualified J. Kent employees for our top Denver employers.

Ease Eyestrain at the Computer – 5 Expert Tips from the Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer with the Cleveland Clinic has some expert tips for easing eyestrain for those of us that spend most of their work day looking at a computer monitor or two.  Here are his top 5 tips:

  • Look Down, Not Up
    Tilt your screen slightly downward so its center is about 4 to 8 inches below eye level.  Every 15 minutes, look from side to side.  Then, gaze into the distance.  Do some shoulder rolls as you look around, so you get a nice neck stretch, too.

  • Stand Up
    Take a 10-minute bathroom break at least every 2 hours, even if you don’t have to go.  As you walk, let your eyes idle.
  • Use Eye Drops
    You blink less when you’re staring at a screen, causing dry eyes.  Squeeze in preservative-free artificial tears as needed.
  • Check Your Glasses
    The glasses you use while driving may keep you from plowing into the car ahead of you, and magnifiers let you read menus, but neither may help you see (correctly) computer type that’s 20 to 26 inches away.  As an optometrist that specializes in computer glasses.
  • Hit the Hay
    The retinal membranes are just like the rest of your body; they need sleep to revive.

Source:  Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic

The information in the article above is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, legal, accounting and/or medical advice.

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