Denver Staffing Agency Conducts RTD Market Research Survey; Hires College Graduates

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Denver Staffing Agency Conducts RTD Market Research Survey; Hires College Graduates

When you need powerful productivity with measurable, time sensitive outcomes, Project Management and temporary project teams make strategic staffing sense.

In November of 2011, a market research organization whose core competency is economic, policy and market research contacted J. Kent Staffing for assistance with a large market research survey project. 



The Project and Deliverables

Distribute 4000+ surveys for annual RTD ridership survey in 4 shifts; 6 days


Colorado Staffing Managers Hire and Manage Project
Highly experienced in managing large, complex projects, J. Kent also acted as the Project Manager responsible for project logistics, scheduling and management for the client.  J. Kent’s Denver Staffing Managers developed a Project Plan:

  • Conducted Project Kick-Off Meeting to review market research project scope, definition and objectives, timeline, agenda, milestones, roles, contract performance period, deliverables
  • Developed a Work Plan and assigned the project team, schedule recruiting plan, follow-up meeting, budget
  • Developed Project Control Plan  to address communication, quality, issue and risk management controls

Hiring the Right Market Research Survey Team
Four shifts from 6:00 am. - 9:00 pm were required, and that combined with the logistics of staffing for many parts of the City of Denver, made J. Kent Staffing Managers realize that a successful outcome for the metro Denver market research project would be totally dependent upon our staff’s ability to hire the right talent, and their ability to execute.  We needed a top team: educated with excellent communication skills, well organized, detail oriented, reliable and disciplined. 

Denver Snow Storm No Match for J. Kent Market Research Surveyors
From 6:00am to 9:00pm, through the bitter cold nights and the first snowstorms of the season, J. Kent’s employees distributed 4,000+ surveys over 6 days.  Who were these brave enthusiastic souls one might ask? They were college educated professionals either continuing their education or looking for full time employment.  Simply put, they were individuals who had the right work attittude in a tough Denver economy. 

Market Research Survey Executed by College Educated and Seasoned Professionals 
Although the weather was a bit challenging during the market survey project period, November and December 2011, the Project Team executed and met all of our client’s and J. Kent’s deliverables. We loved having them on our team; they were smart, reliable, had an abundant amount of common sense, were well organized, possesed good communication skills, great work ethics, positive attitudes, and they wanted to work.  Here is a little about the project team: 

Front Row – Left to Right

Jacqui has a BA in Political Science and Psychology from Allegheny College and a MA in Public Policy from Duquesne University.  While at Dunquesne she was the 2009 Michael P. Weber Research Endowment Recipient for public health research and worked as a Research Assistant solely responsible for maintaining the SharePoint database and content management.  Jacqui has excellent computer skills, and types 70 wpm.  She is currently seeking full-time employment.

Currently working on her Masters in Library Science at the University of Denver, Chrissy is only seeking temp work.  After graduating from George Washington University, Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Communications, Chrissy also worked as a Media Buyer, conducted political and corporate market research campaigns, and had 6 years in a media based administrative background before returning to school to pursue her Masters.

Pam has a BA in English, has been a journalist, a real estate broker and follows her 21 year passion of creative writing.  Pam recently obtained full-time employment as a Building Superintendent in the metro Denver area.

Katie, with her double degree in Communication and Music & Voice Performance from Catholic University of America in Washington DC, is currently back on a project in San Francisco. Since 2003, Katie has worked in theater in the western part of the US.  As Stage Manager for the San Francisco Opera, she was responsible for documenting and executing productions and rehearsals.  She has been a member of the American Guild of Musical Artists since 2003.  Katie does temp work in between performances.

Lori with her engaging personality, calm demeanor, sound common sense business skills and 15+ years of Executive Assistant and 7 years of Personal Assistant experience, was recently placed by J. Kent Staffing. In December of 2011 she started her new job, working for another high profile, nationally recognized and respected philanthropist.  Read Lori’s Placement Snapshot, click here.

Back Row – Left to Right

Beth has worked on and off for J. Kent Staffing since 2008 and has received high marks on her assignments.  She has a BS in Journalism/Advertising from Oklahoma State University, and has held both Administrative Assistant and professional sales positions throughout her career.  She has a passion for interior design, and has been a volunteer for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts since 2002.  Beth is currently seeking full-time employment and uses temp work to keep up her skills.

Rob has a BA in Speech Communication from Metropolitan State College and is working toward a Certificate in Nonprofit Administration, also at Metro.  Rob has 6 years’ professional experience as a Commercial Traffic Manager for Denver radio stations, and has been active in nonprofit and community organizations since 1999.  Currently seeking full-time work in the Denver nonprofit community.

Madolyn & Christy
Our client's Project Managers.

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