Denver Staffing Agency – Denver Fun Facts Quiz for Job Seekers

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Denver Staffing Agency – Denver Fun Facts Quiz for Job Seekers
Whether You're New to Denver or a Native, This City is Full of Surprises
Denver staffing agencies, Colorado temp agencies and top Denver recruiters understand that Colorado’s economy is built on small business which is responsible for 97% of new job creation in the state.
Largely responsible for state's business activity are private sector investors as well as participating cities and counties.  These entities, many times in partnership have created a competitive environment that attracts companies, jobs and talented, new Denver job seekers. 

Whether you’re new to Denver or a native, this city is full of surprises. Denver is a hot spot for businesses, job-seekers, and those who wish to enjoy breathtaking scenery and cosmopolitan sophistication. Learn more about Denver and its thriving community by taking our Denver Fun Facts Quiz! 
1. What was the first permanent structure in Denver?
    a.  A saloon
    b.  A schoolhouse
    c.  A wagon repair shop
2. Colorado ski resorts get an average of 300+ inches of snow per year. 
    What is the average yearly snowfall for Denver?
    a.  60 inches
    b.  70 inches
    c.  80 inches
3. The City of Denver has the largest
     ______________in the United States
    a.  Public Library
    b.  History Museum
    c.  City Park system
4. In the Mile High City, the thinner air will:
    a.  Make you want to drink less water
    b.  Allow golf balls to travel 10% further
    c.  Make the sky appear less blue
5. Denver is home to ______professional
    sports teams.
    a.  3
    b.  6
    c.  7
6. By the year 2030, it is expected that more than __________new jobs will be created in Denver.
    a.  600,000
    b.  700,000
    c.  800,000
7. The median household income in the metro Denver area is more than ______higher than the
    national median income.
    a.  15%
    b.  17%
    c.  19%
8. Denver is a highly educated city, with 84% of residents possessing a high school degree and
    40.1% with a _______________.
    a.  Associate’s Degree
    b.  Bachelor’s Degree
    c.  Master’s Degree
9. The four block, 12 acre Denver Performing Arts Complex is the _______________in the U.S.
    a.  Largest
    b.  Second largest
    c.  Third Largest
10. At an average of 300 sunny days a year, Denver boasts more sunshine than
    a.  Miami
    b.  San Diego
    c.  All of the above

Answer Key

1. a |  2. a |  3. c |  4. b  |  5. c |  6. c  |  7. b |  8. b |  9. b | 10. c

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