Denver Staffing Agency – Email Etiquette, Top 10 “Don’ts" For Denver Job Seekers

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Denver Staffing Agency – Email Etiquette, Top 10  “Don’ts" For Denver Job Seekers

Part 3 of 4: When you are on the hunt for a Denver job, you must understand Email Etiquette or "Netiquette" in order to have a successful outcome to your job search. During your job search you will have to construct emails, send attachments as directed, and may be required to carry on an e-versation (electronic conversation) with Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, and Staffing Managers.   We have discussed the Top 10 Email "Dos"; now here are the Top 10 Email “Don’ts”.  The dos and the don'ts apply to anyone using email messaging; however, if you engage in a new job search, be especially aware of your email etiquette. 


  1. Write in CAPITAL LETTERS:  Writing in capital letters defies the Rules of Etiquette governing communication on the Internet. Furthermore, text written in uppercase is difficult to read.  The use of words in all capital letters on the Internet indicates that you are expressing strong emotions and may not be well received.
  2. Use Emoticons, Graphics, or Animation:  Smiley faces, winks, and icons are not appropriate for business communication.  Only include graphics or animations if they are part of the message or have some other business purpose.
  3. Chat Room Shorthand and Text Messaging Lingo:  Never use chat room shorthand or text messaging lingo, and avoid internet jargon and abbreviations. Some examples: AISI=As I See It; BTW=By the Way; 2MI=Too Much Information
  4. One-Word Subject Fields: Think twice before you do this.  One word subjects such as "important" or "urgent" are unlikely to attract anyone's attention; the words have been overused and we have become anesthetized to their real meanings.
  5. Attachments: NEVER send large attachments without asking permission or giving warning.  Compress or zip a file that is quite large in size; it’s the polite thing to do.  Keep in mind that attachments use the intended recipient's resources, not yours.
  6. Reuse Emails from a Previous Topic: It is not proper email etiquette to reuse emails.  Keep emails on topic and create a new email thread when the topic changes.
  7. Forward Emails - May be Considered Spam: Forwarding advertised product emails in the Denver workplace is not appropriate.  Do not do it!  What you think is great may be considered spam, inappropriate or a waste of your employer’s time.  Unsolicited mail should not be sent as the recipient cannot “opt out”.  Be very careful as this practice may affect a business or personal relationship.
  8. Reply All – Don’t Do It Without Thought:  Do not use “Reply All” or forward emails to unnecessary recipients. Before you hit “reply all” to a group email, think about who actually needs to know your response. If it’s just the sender, then it’s best to respond only to that person
  9. Make Assumptions:  Always ask for clarification if confused by something.  Email cannot replace the face-to-face conversation and it should never be used as a substitute when it comes to dealing with or developing interpersonal relationships.
  10. Sarcasm / Humor:  Don’t joke around, use sarcasm, or try to be too witty or clever.


Be sure to keep email etiquette in mind when composing your next email. Remember to communicate professionally in all your correspondences, whether it is through email, text-message, social media, or verbally. Keep checking J Kent Staffing’s blog for more articles on Your Career Path

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