Denver Staffing Agency Hires Contract Compliance Specialist

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  • 2/15/12 |
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Denver Staffing Agency Hires Contract Compliance Specialist

Denver Staffing Agency Hires Contract Compliance Specialist-Provides Seamless Payroll Services Staffing
A Denver, Colorado public-private partnership to the tune of $2.085 billion is big, and big implies the need for a lot of qualified staff.  Whether it is professional talent, support staff or field personnel, on a project of this size, every person must be productive, and their contribution meaningful enough to bring the deliverables in on time, and on or under budget.  However, when every person counts, loss of trained and qualified staff members will affect work flow and team productivity.  Such was the challenge for our Denver client.  

Denver Payroll Services Provides Staff Continuity for Public-Private Partnership
Our client, in a significant joint venture and public-private partnership on a substantial Denver transportation project, was recently challenged when one of their staffing provider’s contract ended, leaving their Contract Compliance Specialist and a Receptionist under the terminated contract without an employment relationship and, therefore, in jeopardy of loss of wages.   Both staff members were vital to the organization’s day-to-day operations having been fully trained in their respective positions over the past year.  Not wanting to lose the talented gained over the past 12 months, our client contacted J. Kent Staffing and requested Payroll Services in order to provide these two individuals with an employer/employee relationship and maintain continuity in staff for their respective departments.

Connie, a DBE/SBE Contract Compliance Specialist with 14 years underwriting and auditing experience, and the Receptionist were therefore hired by J. Kent’s Staffing Manager.  Through J. Kent Staffing’s Payroll Services we were able to provide Connie and the Receptionist continued employment, and at the same time, provide staffing continuity for the client in these two positions.

Payroll Services Allow Companies to Retain Proven Staff & Avoid Independent Contractor Issues
J. Kent’s Payroll Services allows companies to retain their proven staff, or to bring on new employees identified by or referred to them and avoid independent contractor issues.  In this case the two employees made the transition seamlessly.  J. Kent’s Staffing Manager hired the two staff members that were under the terminated contract and neither lost valuable work hours and wages.  The client, on the other hand, was also happy to maintain a productive staff knowing that immediate or quick replacement would be difficult and time consuming.

America’s corporations, much like our client have become experts at employing a wide variety of Staffing Options beyond traditional employment practices.  The use of J. Kent’s Payroll Services met our client’s needs immediately and solved a difficult problem.  As a result of this seamless transition, 4 additional staff members were added by our transportation client using J. Kent’s Payroll Services.

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