Denver Staffing Agency - Young Professionals – Who Hires the U.S. Workforce in 2012?

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Denver Staffing Agency - Young Professionals – Who Hires the U.S. Workforce in 2012?
Enhancing a Generation’s Abilities
With the recent publication of J. Kent Staffing’s Employer Headline, “Lack of Hard & Soft Skills Impact Unemployment Rate,” J. Kent’s Staffing Managers and Denver Recruiters thought this a great moment to discuss with the younger generations about enhancing “soft” skills as they apply and interview for the top Denver jobs.


Human Resource Management & American Association of Retired Persons – Recent Survey
A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) compared older workers (50+) to younger workers (31-), noting the major skill sets older workers possess and younger workers lack. The SHRM/AARP study revealed the number one applied skill gap between older and younger workers was a lack of professionalism and work ethic (i.e., a “soft” skill), citing technical ability (i.e., a “hard” skill) 20% less a factor.

What are Soft Skills?
"Soft" skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance, and career prospects. Unlike “hard” skills (technical abilities and the ability to perform a certain type of task or activity), “soft” skills relate to a person's ability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.

Young Professionals – Understand Who Hires the U.S. Workforce in 2012
J. Kent’s Denver Staffing Managers and Colorado Recruiters hope this information will be put to good use by young professionals in Denver. As you consider exactly what the hiring managers (typically not younger than 31 years of age) were suggesting when answering these polling questions, remember these are the people who review, pre-screen, interview, and hire the U.S. workforce.

Young Professionals – The Major Take Aways to Land a Top Denver Job

  • Take Away #1 - Resume Writing and English Grammar
    In the SHRM/AARP survey, nearly 51% of hiring managers listed English, particularly spelling and grammar, as the number one reason for not hiring a candidate during the job search. As you apply for jobs, your resume and cover letter present you to the employers. Using correct grammar, spelling, and remaining consistent in style are all a projection of communication. Do you need assistance writing a resume? Did you know the Denver Public Library provides this service? An hour of your time will go a long way!
  • Take Away #2 - Professionalism in the Work Place
    J. Kent Staffing Managers know all too well that if you have the intellect, training, and certification, but lack the will-do attitude, a sense of community, and the professionalism necessary to win over an employer during an interview, you will be looked over during the hiring process.

    Professionalism can mean a lot of things. During an interview, do you discuss your personal relationships or political affiliation?  Do you speak poorly about a former co-worker or boss? If taken to lunch during your interview, do you know social etiquette rules? (For example, if you receive your food before another person at the table, you should wait until everyone has food–unless you are in a large group, then it is acceptable to eat if at least two people at the table have received their food.) Do you write a thank you follow up note to the interviewer? You are not expected to be perfect, however, being polite and understand basic social rules of society truly will make you feel more comfortable and secure of yourself during the interview process.

    Once hired, professionalism changes to expectations from your employer, for example, starting work on time. Many companies are flexible with the work hours, however, if you have a strict time frame to arrive at work, maintaining that schedule is necessary. In addition, effectively communicating to co-workers, managers, and clients will reflect upon you in an important way. 
  • Take Away #3 - Motivation and Enthusiasm
    Although you are not expected to love your job, showing interest and desire to learn and grow with an organization provides the employer with a shared interest to further your career. It’s as simple as that. Can you show up to work, be on time (or better yet, can you be early), learn and grow, and furthermore, represent the company well?  Do you smile when you are asked to complete an assignment; are you enthusiastic about the opportunity offered; can your employer feel and see that you are motivated and want to learn?
  • Take Away # 4 - Educating Yourself
    As you apply for jobs, take 15 minutes a day and look up professionalism, social etiquette, employer expectations, and social responsibility and reflect on how you can improve yourself. Much of what is expected of you is not taught in school, but you have all the tools that will raise your chances of landing your next Denver job or starting your first entry-level position!

Good luck and remember J. Kent Staffing Managers are always looking for qualified talent for their top Denver client companies.  J. Kent Staffing works across all industries and sectors, therefore, if you are currently looking for a new employment opportunity check out the different Staffing Options that best suit your long term or immediate career and personal goals.

Young Professionals

Lack of Hard and Soft Skills Directly Impacts the Unemployment Rate

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