Denver Temp Agency – Resume Reference Tips for Recent College Graduates

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Denver Temp Agency – Resume Reference Tips for Recent College Graduates

Today, in the Denver job market it is quite standard for companies to make a job offer contingent upon the successful outcome of your background check, and that includes references.

So remember, background checking by Denver Recruiters, Corporate Recruiters and Human Resources Managers has become the norm; it is no longer the exception.



Be Thoughtful and Strategic About Your References
With that being said, even though you have just graduated from college, and you’re a little light on paid, professional 40 hour a week work experience, many Staffing Managers and Human Resource Managers want to learn more about you from your references.  Faced with global competition, Denver employers want to hire the best for their entry-level Denver jobs, so be thoughtful and strategic about how to use and manage your references.

References are Meaningful Even with Little or No Work History
Denver Human Resources Managers and Denver recruiters want to be able to assess your abilities, even if you have little or no work history.  To that end, please keep in mind that your university education, extracurricular activities and internships have provided you with many transferrable key skills that are sought in the workplace of today such as:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational
  • Time management
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical
  • Computer

Prepare, Plan and Manage Your References
A well placed reference can be an effective tool for recent college graduates in Denver, Colorado if they are prepared and plan their reference strategy.  References, if used and managed properly, can make your job search more productive and further reinforce a positive image in a competitive Denver job market.  Therefore, with little experience under your belt, having someone credible speak positively about you to a Human Resource Manager or Denver Staffing agency will better position your candidacy for that first entry level job you are pursuing.  

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