Top Ten Interview Blunders

  • Posted by: J. Kent Gervasini |
  • 10/1/11 |
  • 3:36 PM
Top Ten Interview Blunders

The interview blunders that cost people jobs and offers are varied and numerous.  In this highly competitive job market, preparation, professional courtesy, and a little self-discipline can separate you from the rest of the pack.  Resisting the temptation to send off a resume without proofing it, switching the Smart Phone off during your visit to a potential employer, and taking the time to articulate your specific career goals will only help advance your job search.  There are many blunders, but these ten seem to be the biggest culprits: 

  1. Poorly designed and written resumes – using excessive tables, cells and “styling” with MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint actually works against you. Build electronically friendly resumes.
  2. Unprofessional telephone interview etiquette
  3. Neglecting to research the company
  4. Lack of position or Client MDO (most dominant objective)
  5. Inadequate interview closing techniques
  6. Dropping the “post interview follow-up” ball
  7. Failure to follow the recruiter's instructions
  8. Forgetting to ask for the job
  9. E-mail addiction
  10. Circumventing the Executive Recruiter or Staffing Consultant
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