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The 5 Step Process - How You Move Forward
Matching you with a position that aligns with your personal and professional career goals requires FIVE (5) STEPS to ensure success -- for YOU, our top Denver employers who expect qualified, vetted talent, and J. Kent.

Step 1  Candidate Registration (Upload Resume, Application, Create Login)

  • After you have completed Candidate Registration, click SUBMIT
  • Check your email for your AUTO-REPLY EMAIL CONFIRMATION receipt

Step 2  Resume Review Team - Assesses Current Position Match

You Will Be Contacted - If There is a Current Match
You Will Not Be Contacted - If There is Not a Current Match

Tip: Keep your On-line Profile updated for new Direct Hire, Temporary, Temp-to-Hire positions.

Step 3  Recruiting Team - Contacts You, When There is a Match

  • Conducts telephone interview
  • Schedules skills testing - based on your skills and interest, you may be asked to complete on-line testing of basic business software, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and keyboarding

If You Move Forward - You Will be Scheduled for an In-Depth Interview
If You Do Not Move Forward at This Time - Please Keep Your On-line Profile Updated 

Step 4  Interview Team - Conducts Onboarding & In-Depth, In-Person Interview
At your scheduled appointment time, a J. Kent Interview Team member will process your applicable onboarding documents and conducts your interview.  Whether you are a recent college graduate, or a seasoned professional, your interview is your opportunity to sell yourself -- your experience, industry knowledge and expertise, skills and abilities, realistic career objective and salary requirements, desired corporate culture, current job search efforts, and work availability.

Background Checking - Onboarding Documents, If Applicable
1. I-9 and e-Verify - Employment Eligibility Verification 4. Education Verification (highest degree)
2. Criminal Background Check 5. Credit Check, if applicable
3. SSN Trace 6. Drug Test

Step 5  Hiring Team - Contacts You for Qualified Employment Opportunities

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  3. I understand that J. Kent Staffing may conduct background checks (criminal, drug screens, education verification, etc.) and will comply if required.
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  4. I am 18 years of age or older.
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