Sourcing Model

The method by which a company identifies, selects, receives, and pays for contingent workers and related services. Companies may employ more than one sourcing model within a contingent workforce program. Sourcing Models can be identified by a company’s position along three independent axes: competitiveness, rate elasticity, and vendor integration. Competitiveness is the degree to which staffing agencies are invited to bid against each other with respect to submission time, candidate quality, and price. Typical options include sole-source, primaries, structured tiers, and open bidding. Rate elasticity is the degree to which CW demand affects rates, with options including fixed rate cards, pay range plus markup, max bill rates, and open bill rates. Vendor integration is the degree to which a company uses external resources, with options including complete program outsourcing, on-site administrative support, off-site transaction support, and no use at all.

Source: Staffing Industry Analysts

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