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Part-Time Professionals; voluntary, vetted, and valued.

A Part-Time Professional is an individual seeking a Voluntary Part-Time Job. J. Kent’s Part-Time Professionals are highly educated and experienced staff, many of whom have advanced degrees such as an MBA, a Masters in Accountancy, or are certified in a specific field. They are proficient in MS Office, possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, are well organized, excel in time management, and are highly motivated. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers part-time work as 1 - 34 hours per week. However, in a 21st century workplace, Part-Time Professionals work about 20 – 25 hours per week on average. 

 Why People Choose Part-Time Professional Work

  • To be a “secondary wage earner”
  • To balance family and career responsibilities
  • To attend school 
  • To remain partially active in the workforce after retirement

What are the Benefits of Using Part-Time Professionals? 

  • A strategic business decision during economic downturns and tight budgets
  • Provides staff without the costs associated with a FTE
  • Employers pay only for the hours worked
  • Flexible scheduling to meet employer needs
  • Matches your workforce to your workload
  • Typically employers do not provide benefits for part-time jobs
  • To remain partially active in the work force after retirement 

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Part-Time Professionals

Voluntary Part-Time Job Seekers, Vetted and Valued

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