Retained Executive Search

To win the war for talent in the 21st century you find and hire only the best...


When time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, Retained Executive Search is the strategic business decision that will allow you to fill key executive and mission critical positions in your organization. As global competition intensives, adding executive talent and innovative thought leadership to your team will:

  • Maximize, invigorate and strengthen your organization’s human capital
  • Gain competitive economic advantages that will ensure growth and M&A opportunities

Retained Executive Search Areas

Corporate Search
Private Services Search

Research, Opportunity Marketing & Market Testing

  • Dedicate a vast amount of resources, focus and dedication to each search assignment
  • Create Position Marketing Statement, Search Plan and proceed with the J. Kent Employment Process
  • Conduct a thorough study and market analysis to identify individuals who are contributors and thought leaders
  • Identify successful individuals within target organizations; develop target list or use direct approach
  • Research and test the market to confirm the search requirements, position deliverables and compensation are aligned

Retained Executive Search – Confidential and Consultative

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