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Order tests before hiring. A-la-Carte or Testing Suites…You Decide, We Design.
Pre-employment testing will validate your hiring decision and also help you manage staff once they are on board. Our testing software allows you to make more qualified and efficient hiring and promotion decisions, ensuring your employees will be a perfect fit in your company culture.

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Do you test before hiring? If you don’t, this is the time to start. Our customized tests help the Denver employer select and retain top performers based on seven key areas that predict individual performance and potential—experience, skills, abilities, personality, motivation, judgment and culture fit. We have proven experience and expertise in creating Assessments across multiple industries and job roles.
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J. Kent makes testing your candidates easy, simple, and objective. Validate your hiring decision in a matter of minutes. You decide, we design – call J. Kent today for pricing to order your custom testing package at 303.777.7734.

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