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Specialized Staffing: J. Kent Staffing knows that all staffing is not the same.

Distinctive, diverse programs call for a new approach to staffing specialization. Whether it’s a special event, a deadline-driven project, or an innovative intern program, J. Kent Staffing can help you target the right candidates for your specialized team. We’ll work with you to craft smart staffing strategies focused on your particular specialty and hire top talent for the following areas:

Event, Trade Show & Convention Staffing

for Trade Shows, Events, Conventions, Test Markets, Corporate Programs, Sales Meetings

Project Show Staffing

for comprehensive Project Management

Specialized Senior Talent

The Advantage of Experience™

Intern Program Staffing

for Co-Operative Education Programs (Co-Op Programs)

Specialized Staffing Solutions

Targeted Staffing Solutions

Intelligent, Strategic, Successful Staffing Specialization