Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Create a planned transition from a temporary position to full-time, regular employment.

J. Kent's Temp-to-Hire by Design™ is an excellent way to put top, professional talent on your staff when you are ready to hire, and combines the best aspects of Direct Hire search and Temporary Staffing. For the ultimate in control, Test-a-Match™ allows both the Denver Employer and the J. Kent Employee to assess the professional relationship while the employee is on assignment.

J. Kent and Temp-to-Hire by Design™

Temp-to-Hire by Design™ originated during the 1982 recession in Denver, where a difficult economy and 10% unemployment rates spurred this innovative J. Kent staffing strategy.  Employers, reluctant to use Direct Hire during the recession, welcomed this new approach. Nearly 30 years later, this flexible model is just one more way J. Kent Staffing excels at meeting the diverse needs of its clients. What a great way to Test-A-Match™!

Why Temp-to-Hire by Design™?

Cost Benefits
  • Control of salary and benefit costs
  • Prevent costly hiring mistakes before making a full-time hiring decision
  • Add to staff without violating FTE hiring freeze
  • Pay only for the hours worked and approved by you
  • Deduct Temporary staffing costs as a business expense
Strategic Benefits 
  • Ensure the right corporate culture fit 
  • Observe against realistic performance criteria
  • Determine stability in a high turnover position
  • Find essential talent in mission critical, high stress positions
  • Test for Full-Time position validity
Payroll Administration & Tax Reporting Benefits

Our payroll administration is deadline driven; our tax reporting is on time. J. Kent’s payroll is weekly. As the employer, J. Kent:

  • Pays FICA ( Federal Taxes - Social Security and Medicare)
  • Pays FUTA ( Federal Taxes - Unemployment insurance
  • Pays SUTA (State Taxes - Unemployment insurance)
  • Pays workers’ compensation insurance
  • Pays payroll administration costs
  • Completes tax and IRS reporting
  • Issues annual W2 
  • Submits new hire report to State of Colorado
  • Manages unemployment hearings
  • Processes worker’s compensation claims

From Our Payroll, To Your Payroll: A Seamless Transition

  • During the Temp-to-Hire period, J. Kent is the Employer of Record, manages the employment relationship and issues the annual W-2 to our employee.
  • J. Kent Employees are required to comply with J. Kent's Employee Handbook's policies and procedures.
  • J. Kent provides assignment orientation, sets the work schedule, answers all payroll, payrate, Timesheet and assignment related questions, conducts performance reviews, and documents employee assignment feedback.
  • When you are ready to hire, the transition will be seamless.

Temp-to-Hire by Design™

The Best of Search & Staffing Combined

Intelligent, Strategic, Successful